By utilising Blockchain technology we ensure the authenticity, traceability and additional security of your Trade marks, within our DLT application.

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Legal & Secure

Our legal team will produce legal documents such as Trademarks, these will then be integrated into a Blockchain for authenticity and security.

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Asset Valuation

A registered Trade Mark can be considered an intangible asset, which can enhance the value of your business if you decide to sell it, lease it or seek investment through our sister company Intelliwealth.

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Why Choose TradeMarkRoom App?

TradeMarkRoom presents a cutting-edge Ai and Blockchain solution tailored for Companies, Start-ups and Legal Professionals, including Lawyers and Solicitors, seeking to safeguard their Trademarks. With our innovative technology, we offer a comprehensive support to legal teams with our Ai Legal Chat that will assist with the search for the correct classifications, and out legal teams that have extensive experience in global Trademark filings, boasting a strong presence in London, England, the United States of America, Canada, and China. Our exceptional clientele and esteemed reputation in the Trademark area extended across National and International boundaries.

By integrating your Trademarks into the TradeMarkRoom App's DLT Ledger, we ensure the authenticity of your Trademark into the Blockchain and enhance the level of security of the Trademark by capturing all the alterations within the Historical Timestamp, to validate any changes and the time the change took place.


Our Packaged Solutions

With 2 packages to select, TradeMarkRoom App has the solution that will cater to your Trademark needs.

Single Service

£180.00 (Inc VAT)

    Package - Single Payment per Trademark

    • Secure access to our DLT Ledger
    • View Trademarks on our DLT Ledger
    • We will Tokenise your Trademarks on our Ledger for you
    • Your Trademarks are kept secure on our platform
    • Discount to upgrade to the Professional Service

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    £240.00 (Inc VAT)

    Per Month 

    • Secure access to our DLT Ledger
    • View Trademarks on our DLT Ledger
    • Transfer Ownership of your Trademarks
    • Tokenise Trademarks onto the Blockchain Ledger
    • All Trademarks secured with a Smart Contract 
    • We will Tokenise your Trademarks on our DLT Ledger for you
    • Ai Legal Chat can support you with your Trademark queries
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    How We Work

    As simple as 1, 2, and 3, you can select a package that is best suited to your needs, and it is as simple as Registering with the TradeMarkRoom App, Signing in, View the Blockchain App and Creating a Smart Contract with our simple Smart Contract Tool to verify, authenticate your Trade mark.
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    Our Legal and Blockchain Solution

    The TradeMarkRoom Blockchain Application offers a revolutionary solution for creating Smart Contracts and NFTs for trademarks and intellectual property. One of the key benefits of this application is enhanced blockchain security. By utilising blockchain technology, the application ensures that Trademark documents and ownership records are securely stored and tamper-proof. The decentralised nature of the blockchain eliminates the risk of data manipulation or unauthorised access, providing a robust and transparent system for maintaining the integrity of Trade Mark-related legal documents.

    Another significant advantage of the Trade Mark Room Blockchain application is the establishment of a reliable ownership system for legal documents. Trade Mark ownership is a crucial aspect of protecting intellectual property rights, and the application leverages blockchain to create immutable records of ownership. These records are stored on the blockchain, making them transparent and accessible to all relevant parties. The use of NFTs further strengthens the ownership framework by providing unique digital tokens that represent specific Trademarks. This enables easy verification of ownership and simplifies the process of transferring or licensing trademarks.

    Moreover, the Trade Mark Room app streamlines the management and administration of Trademark-related legal documents. With the help of Smart Contracts, the application automates various processes and reduces the need for intermediaries. This automation not only enhances efficiency but also minimises the potential for errors or disputes. Smart Contracts enable self-executing agreements, ensuring that all parties involved adhere to predefined terms and conditions. This eliminates the need for manual monitoring and enforcement, saving time and resources while improving overall trust and reliability in Trade Mark transactions.

    In summary, the Trade Mark Room Blockchain application revolutionises the way Trademarks and intellectual property are managed by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The application’s ability to create Smart Contracts and NFTs ensures enhanced security, immutability, and transparency for Trademark-related legal documents. By establishing a reliable ownership system and automating various processes, the app simplifies Trademark management and significantly reduces the risk of fraud or errors. With the Trademark Room app, businesses and individuals can confidently protect their intellectual property rights and streamline Trademark transactions in a secure and efficient manner.

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    Our sister company, the Trademarkroom are global Trade Mark registration experts. The team can assist you in registering a trade mark in any country around the world. In addition, the team can assist you in answering any trade mark queries, offering advice and guidance on the registrability of your proposed brand and provide portfolio management services.

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